Stop High Frequency Trading-an open letter to Mary Shapiro

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To: Mary ShapiroHead of the SEC.High Frequency Trading is dangerous.     It is ruining the markets.We will lose the small investor.We will have a 2000 point down day.It is so obvious.  You missed madolf,Standford,subprime,uptick rule,CDO's,CDO squared,rating agencies,subrime etc.,etcFor once, could we ever be ahead of the curve?What redeeming quality does doing 10000 trades a nanosecond have?Liquidity?     stupid.     we didnt have liquity problems for 200 years without the machines.Please address this issue and stop itup 5%  down 4%  up 4%   down 5%  up 4%-one weekOf course its HFT.     Sincerely,The Advisors of America   

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