JP Morgan

  • Oct 12, 2012

    Are Banks Turning into Not-for-Profits? Bank Earnings So Far Are Strong

    It does seem like financial institutions, particularly investment banks, seem to stumble from one fiasco to another every few years, ergo the bankers are in need of regulation by “enlightened” regulators....More
  • Jul 13, 2012

    JP Morgan Chase's Q2 Earnings Off, Retail Advisory Business a Bright Spot

    Okay, so the London Whale cost the firm $4.4bn, and Mister Dimon says JP Morgan Chase (Ticker: JPM) will "no longer trade a sunthetic credit portfolio and will focus on its core mandate of conservatively investing excess deposits to earn a fair return." And, by the way, though the company posted lousy overall results, the "client-driven" businesses [i.e. NOT the prop trading and the like] had solid performance." (This is from this a.m.'s earnings reports and press release.)...More
  • Jul 3, 2012

    Does JPMorgan Push Bank Funds on Its Brokers? Maybe

    A New York Times story published Tuesday suggests that JPMorgan brokers are encouraged to sell proprietary products to their clients, something that is frowned upon by regulators....More
  • Jun 29, 2012

    Closing the Barn Door Too Late? Banks Are Healthier Now than in 2007. Yet Moody's Recently Downgraded 17 Banks. Why?

    Banks have more capital than in 2007 and are in general healthier. Yet, like closing the barn door after the mustang has wandered off, Moody downgraded 17 banks. Moody's recent downgrade explained....More
  • May 29, 2012

    Another Mindless Attack on JPMorgan Chase

    This weekend the New York Times reported that regulators were going to investigate JPM’s whale trade. (Fine, but ony if the regulators want to learn something, learn how a bank trades rather than embarking on a witch hunt seeking a scapegoat, a way to criminalize risk taking.) Dick Bove, the outspoken Rochdale Securities sent out this note over the Memorial Day weekend, criticizing the Wall Street Journal over its coverage of the whale trade....More
  • May 14, 2012

    As JPMorgan’s Derivatives Blow-Up Shows, Trades May Be Difficult to Police in Future

    Just when the big financial institutions were pushing back on the dreaded Volcker rule, JP Morgan Chase blows up 1% of its capital, a miniscule amount, really. The company (Ticker: JPM) is expected to post $4 billion in earnings in its current fiscal quarter. Still, the timing of the trading snafu couldn’t have come at a worse time. See comments from the CFA Institute, who argue this will help prove the case for the Volcker Rule. My take? The regulators can’t stop stuff like this from happening if Jamie Dimon can’t....More
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