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Understanding Advisor Stress
Filmmaker Katharine Round has launched a project to make a documentary on the global economy and its impact on the working practices, lifestyles and psychology of people from Wall Street to Main Street.
The Office Manager: Advisor Advocate or Company Man? 
Branch office managers used to be the superstar plucked from the ranks and paid big bucks to guide other reps to similar success. How has that changed?
Digging For Talent 1
If the pool of available advisors with proven records and solid books of business is evaporating, where do recruiting brokerages go for growth?
Goodbye to the Old Guard? 3
Danny Ludeman’s retirement from Wells Fargo has sparked some concern among the rank-and-file. Does the new boss need the same boots-on-the-ground experience?
Five Types of Advisors And How To Manage Them 
Tailoring your approach to one of these distinct personality types can help you understand your employees to become a more engaged and effective leader.
Handling a Bad Broker 
Some brokers may deserve to be fired, but often aren’t. Here, current branch office managers describe three types of advisors who should be shown the door.
Sudden Wealth Syndrome 1
Office managers should help advisors understand that the immediate needs of clients who suddenly come into riches have nothing to do with financial planning.
BoMs Contend with IBDs for Top Advisors 1
The independent b/ds are now formidable competitors to the big wirehouses. Branch managers ought to take a page from the independents to lure and keep their top talent.
Five Tips to Recruiting and Managing 'The Next Generation'  1
Many branch office managers—most of whom are baby boomers—use recruiting and management techniques developed 10 or 15 years ago. But as the industry evolves, and the next generation of advisors comes on board, management strategies must change, experts say.
Five Tips to Recruit Women
Two female industry leaders on what to consider when office managers recruit women advisors.
Gallery: Six Keys to Managing Millennials
Managers who understand what makes millennials tick will have the edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining young advisors. Here are six key areas where millennials differ from older colleagues.
The Secret to Managing Millennials
Gen-Y recruits have very different expectations from work than their older colleagues. So as more baby boomers age out of the business, office managers who know what makes millennials tick will have an edge.
The Producing Office Manager – Asset or Competition? 1
Pure branch managers are being replaced with those that double as producing advisors. It’s a tough job, and one that may threaten other reps in the office.
Can Training Programs be Saved? 1
Traditional brokerage training programs are a failure, and the industry is not replacing aging advisors. So some brokerages have turned to colleges and universities to find new blood, offering special curriculum and internships to jump start the next wave. Will it work?
Shed No Tears For the Branch Office Manager
Our industry soothsayers find plenty of reason to be optimistic about the future of the beleaguered supervisor, even as power is shifting to the producers.
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