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Wardrobe Principles for New Advisors
It’s worth the effort to make certain your wardrobe is in top shape. Fortunately for newer advisors, it’s one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your professional brand.
How to Ask Your Prospect Questions with Major “Impact”
While there are infinite questions to ask, the way in which you frame your inquiries is just as important.
3 New Advisor Differentiators
We are often asked, “What truly separates elite new advisors from the rest?” The following are three of many factors that put new advisors on the FastTrack to success.
Is Your Pipeline Full of “Suspects” or “Prospects”?
An advisor told us the other day that he had $50MM in his pipeline. While that sounds great above the surface, if you dig a little deeper you find that this advisor has done a lot of speculating.
Less than 42 Years Old? Good!
Think being young hinders your prospecting? Think again! Let’s look at the facts
Throw Your “Elevator Speech” Out the Window
When networking, the first impression you create sets the tone for how the prospect responds to all future contact with you. If you really want to prospect socially, you have to get the prospect to open up to you in the most natural way possible. Consider these tips
3 Step Semi-Painless Relationship Check-up
Here are three steps to making certain you’re building loyalty and penetrating COIs.
Calling Your Prospect Out
The next time you are in a meeting with a reluctant prospect, bring your concerns out into the open. If you are armed with the right language, you can easily get to the real issue.
What New Advisors can Learn from John D. Rockefeller, Sr. 
It’s that time of year again – time for goal setting, establishing the right habits and getting our year off to the right start. It’s also a time to think about your achievement cycle.
Let’s Put Some Strategy in That Small Talk
Small talk is something we all do. We do it to be polite and connect with others. It get’s the conversation going and helps both parties feel at ease before diving into business. Some of us dread it. Some of us thrive on it.
TO or Brees – What Kind of Advisor are You?
A recent post-game interview with Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, offers some excellent insights on relationship management. Not a football fan? Stick with us. These lessons apply to everyone. The way in which you support, praise and share credit can affect your relationships with clients, centers-of-influence and team members.
The Social Glue that Binds Your Marketing 1
The days of trying to separate business and pleasure are over. If your goal is to drive new business through relationship marketing tactics, the core of your strategy must be social relationships – essentially creating social glue. This is your marketing’s V8 engine with 500 horsepower.
Rating COIs on a 1-10 Scale 
There’s been much frustration in the world of strategic alliances with COIs. We hear it all the time in our new advisor webinar series. Why are we still talking about it? Our research continually shows that strategic alliances are one of the most effective client acquisition strategies.
The 90/8/2 Rule for Soft Selling 
Retiring, getting laid off, selling a business or other similar events are major transitional periods that have financial implications. Here is a three-stage approach to transitioning everyday conversations into business opportunities using (super) soft sales skills.
Gallery: Four Simple Ways to Develop Relationships with Clients’ Children
Here are four methods for engaging clients’ kids, from baby until adulthood...
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