Stan Luxenberg

Special Contributor,
The Street

Stan Luxenberg is a freelance writer specializing in mutual funds and investing. He was executive editor of Individual Investor magazine.

Many Green Funds Stay in the Black
At a time when dozens of producers of solar panels have gone bankrupt, many companies are earning growing profits by enabling customers to use traditional energy sources more efficiently.
The New Buyers of ETFs
Many actively managed mutual funds are now in the market for ETFs for their low costs of ownership and ease of trading. But should shareholders be annoyed?
Good Hedge Funds Come in Small Packages
In the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal, investors have been shunning fledgling hedge funds, betting instead on large funds with long track records. But small funds have key advantages.
The Upside to Doing Good
Advisors have traditionally steered clear of socially responsible investment funds, but some SRI funds excel in downturns. Many investors—with no interest in SRI—are starting to notice.
The Passive Letdown
Investors have fallen in love with equity index funds, for their low cost and solid performance. But fixed income index funds are a different story.
The Sun Rises in the East
Missed the rally in U.S. equities? Japan’s may be just beginning, thanks to a new stimulus-happy prime minister and the Bank of Japan’s massive appetite for government bonds.
The Land of Opportunity: Europe? Asia, Yes, but Europe?
Headlines are ugly, and investors are nervous. Consider a low-risk international fund with a track record for excelling in downturns.
The Rise and Fall of Load Funds
All hail no loads and ETFs!
Want Yield? Try Emerging Market Bond Funds
You can’t blame clients for being disappointed about the yields on fixed income portfolios.
Passive or Active Funds Overseas
It’s true that retail investors have been selling domestic-oriented equity mutual funds for the last five years. But they are buying foreign ETFs.
Time Heals All Returns
Plenty of demoralized shareholders have been dumping domestic stock funds in favor of bond funds. Investors say that they have grown weary of suffering big losses.
Savers, at Last. . .
The 401(k) has long been considered a failure at truly preparing anyone for retirement – especially since the recession. Less noticed is that the plans are, slowly, getting much better.
Flexible (Bond) Funds
Nontraditional funds that can sell short are attracting advisors’ attention—and client money.
Bill Gross’ New Trick
PIMCO’s Total Return ETF has proven the skeptics wrong and outperformed the flagship fund that shares its strategy.
To Index Emerging Markets or Not to Index?
To bet on emerging markets, consider a top-performing actively managed fund. Because they are not tied strictly to the benchmark, the active managers are free to buy stocks of all sizes and to overweight some sectors.
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