Ruth Halcomb


Freelance writer Ruth Halcomb was born in DuBois in 1936. Married twice, she has supported herself throughout her career as a writer, as both an in-house staff writer for companies and as a freelance writer of essays for magazines. She has also published several books aimed at helping women financially and in other dimensions. Halcomb lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and runs the Network for Living Abroad.

Link Globally, Prospect Locally
Advisors trolling for small business clients are discovering what mate-seeking singles have known for years: cyberspace is the place. The old methods
Tame Your Inner Lizard
Investors are hard-wired to fail The problem is that the human brain was shaped in the Pleistocene era, back when humans had to forage for food. Besides
Across Borders
You're nearing the end of a meeting with a couple. You've covered retirement and estate planning with them. You know their kids, their hobbies, their
In the Same Boat
The bitter public battle over the Pritzker family fortune offers a fishbowl view into how large sums of money can strain family ties. The Pritzkers, who
Solidifying a Client Marriage
Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants slugger, has never liked losing. When he married his Swedish wife, Sun, he had her sign away all claims to his earnings
Family Fortune Feuds
What can a rep do about disagreements over the distribution of a client's wealth to family members?
When Affluenza Strikes
If ever there were a poster woman for the perils of sudden wealth, it would have to be our latest reality television star, Anna Nicole Smith. In 14 months
Think Beyond the Needs of Ozzie and Harriet Families
When a spouse dies, the law is completely clear. In the U.S., even without a will, the widow or widower automatically gets the assets. Being married is
Rob Isbitts' Declaration of Independence
For Rob Isbitts, the road to independence has been a smooth one. Tired of the New York wirehouse scene, he moved his family to Florida in 1997. In no
Mother Knows Best
If it were up to most of the broker/dealers Shelly Newman approached for a job six years ago, she wouldn't be a rep. She wouldn't have chalked up $500,000
Building a Billion-Dollar Book
Eight years ago, Merrill’s Scott Macolino and Roger Shaffer were both new brokers—and new to Atlanta. Now, they manage more than $1 billion.
Serving Gay Clients
Imagine this scenario. A same-sex couple has lived together for years, maybe decades, when one partner dies. The family that disinherited the deceased person years ago now descends on the household, making off with everything not held in the name of the surviving partner.
67 Reasons to Contact Clients
There are many nonsales-related reasons to contact clients. Here are ideas from brokers, wholesalers and sales trainers.
Paperless Flexibility
Whether working from her log cabin office in Washington or sunnier South American locales, Nancy Nelson's near-paperless support system gives her the flexibility she needs. Nancy Nelson designed flexibility into her almost paperless practice so she could work from remote locations far from the dark, rainy Northwest.
Confronting Problems and Privileges
To cater to the ultra-affluent, Robert Keys co-founded Private Consulting Group. A central element is its Wealth Strategy Design Team - nine lawyers and
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