Russ Alan Prince

Alan Prince

Russ Alan Prince is one of the most published authors on the topic of private wealth. He has completed work on 40 books covering a range of subjects from investor psychology to luxury spending, from understanding the middle-class millionaire to the political philosophies of the super-rich. His body of work is regularly consulted by affluent individuals and families, elite advisors, family offices, private bankers, wealth managers, academics and the press. Collectively, the cache of research-based insights within Prince’s publications is the most complete empirical analyses in the field and the largest, most comprehensive database on the topic.

Rep's Honor
Simply put, from a client's perspective, wealth management consists of a financial advisor providing solutions to financial and related legal issues and
Elusive Loyalty
It's a serious conundrum for financial advisors: Their success hinges on their ability to cultivate loyalty in their most affluent clients, but many are
A Plan for All Seasons
Anyone who has ever watched a relay race or a football game knows that a lot can go wrong during a handoff. The same is true when control of a business
Passing on the Family Business
In this month's column, we explore succession planning, a key service that wealth advisors can and should provide for clients whose fortunes are tied
Theory to Practice
By now, financial advisors know the drill. They are supposed to be evolving into wealth managers. This upgrade helps advisors better connect with existing
The Client as Corporation
The rapper Notorious B.I.G. had it right: The more money we come across, the more problems we see. If planning for wealthy people is daunting, planning
Beyond Baseball Cards
Collectibles such as art, antiques, jewelry, stamps, coins and automobiles can constitute a significant portion of the estate of a wealthy individual.
Summer of Dough
The biggest hurdle for advisors who want to swap their high-net-worth clients for ultra-high-net-worth clients is convincing the target customers that
Being Advanced
Ask the typical financial advisor if he provides advanced-planning services, and you are likely to receive an affirmative reply 99 percent of the time.
Planning for the Unthinkable
In the wake of the Terry Schiavo case and the death of Pope John Paul II many clients are focusing on end-of-life issues, particularly those surrounding
In Name Only
Financial advisors who fancy themselves wealth managers are having trouble walking the talk. This is the most significant finding of our recent research
Estate of Uncertainty
The 2001 tax reform act built uncertainty into the estate-planning process. Under the act, estate tax rates decrease until 2009. The estate tax disappears
An RLT Primer
Estate planners are finding the revocable living trust (RLT) to be an increasingly popular and useful tool. Some, however, are guilty of overstating the
Does Branding Still Matter?
In the wake of the improprieties and scandals of the past few years, the financial services industry is abuzz with talk of ethics and image. One of the
Ado About I Do
The traditional family ain't what it used to be. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there has been a sevenfold increase in the number of unmarried households
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