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Mark Miller is a journalist and author who writes about trends in retirement and aging. He is a columnist for Reuters and also contributes to Morningstar and the AARP magazine. Mark is the author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security: Practical Strategies for Money, Work and Living. He edits

Pensions Take Another Hit 1
Congress pounded one more nail in the coffin of traditional pensions earlier this month - and it did not have to happen.
Can myRa Bring Retirement Planning to the Masses?
The United States needs a sleek new vehicle for workplace retirement saving - something that covers the millions of workers who do not have a 401(k) or traditional pension. But on Wednesday, the White House rolled out a kid's bike with training wheels instead, otherwise known as the myRA.
U.S. CEO Retirement Packages: Bigger Than Yours
Most fast food workers do not earn enough to retire with much of a pension. Then there is David Novak, executive chairman of YUM Brands, the conglomerate that runs Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.
File-And-Suspend No More?
Several legislative changes are on the horizon that will impact retirement planning, including an end to the popular strategy for claiming Social Security benefits. Here’s what Washington lawmakers have in their crosshairs.
Income Growth and Lifestyle Creep
Research shows that clients are likely too optimistic about income growth in the latter part of their careers.
Managed Accounts in The Workplace
Managed accounts are, arguably, a better option than target-date funds for 401(k) portfolios’ safe harbor options. So, why aren’t there more of them?
The New Fiduciary Rule and Rollovers 4
The new standard for advisors to retirement accounts will have dramatic consequences for advisors, not least on the initial decision whether to roll over a 401(k) plan into an IRA.
When Retirement Comes Early 1
Life events have a way of intervening with retirement plans. Here’s how advisors can prepare for the unexpected.
Are Your Clients Leaving 401(k) Matching Funds on the Table? 1
A new study concludes that one in four workers participating in 401(k) plans don’t contribute enough to capture the full matching contribution offered by their employers.
Using Debt in Retirement
Conventional wisdom suggests the best retirement plans carry no debt. But advisors need to take a more sophisticated view and put a premium on debt-enhanced liquidity, argues author and Morgan Stanley advisor Tom Anderson.
Inflationary Effects On Seniors
The inflation rate experienced by seniors is higher than that of the overall economy. The culprit is health care.
Americans’ Rising Retirement Confidence Aside, Opportunities for Planners Abound
What are Americans thinking about retirement planning and getting advice from professionals?
Three Takeaways from the Medicare Doc Fix Reform
President Obama just signed into law the most significant reform to Medicare in years. The “doc fix” law achieves several important improvements to Medicare, but it’s likely to cost your clients money.
Traditional Pensions: Did a Golden Age Ever Exist?
The percent of households working in the private sector with a defined benefit (DB) pension has fallen sharply in recent years, and Federal Reserve data shows that they will become nearly extinct in the years ahead.
Company Stock in Retirement Plans Should Raise Red Flag for Advisers
If you have clients with employer stock in their retirement accounts, it’s time to take a closer look.
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