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Mark Miller is a journalist and author who writes about trends in retirement and aging. He is a columnist for Reuters and also contributes to Morningstar and the AARP magazine. Mark is the author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security: Practical Strategies for Money, Work and Living. He edits

Social Security rally
Surprise: Social Security Benefits Are For Children Too
You have heard of greedy geezers: that mythical army of militant seniors out to defend their Social Security benefits at any cost, even if it robs their own children and grandchildren of their futures.
Keep Medicare Advice SHIP Afloat for U.S. Seniors
A network of more than 3,300 free Medicare counseling services could lose its $52 million in federal funding due to budget cuts.
retirement bingo
Solving the Retirement Withdrawal Equation
New tools are cracking the code on complex retirement withdrawal strategies that can add significant alpha for clients, and provide a boon to advisors justifying their value in a fiduciary world.
Fiduciary Rule Won't Solve Retirement Savings Crisis 1
Lost in the discussion of the new fiduciary standard? How bad most workers are at saving for retirement to begin with.
Goodbye, Backdoor Roth? 2
Taking a look at just a few proposals that would have significant impact on retirement savers—and their financial advisors.
Testing Risk Tolerance 5
A protracted market meltdown is reviving the argument against risk-tolerance tools.
How to Fix U.S. Long-Term Care Over the Long Haul 1
Ask Americans what they fear most about aging, and many will tell you it is the possibility of needing nursing care - and not being able to pay for it.
Retired, But Working 1
Working during retirement, by need or choice, throws many traditional retirement plans off track. Here’s how to adjust.
Planning After File-And-Suspend 3
File-and-suspend was a complex formula, but an easy answer for those grappling with Social Security; now that it’s gone, planning is more complicated - and more valuable.
Medicare Changes Coming Up 1
Medicare’s premiums and out-of-pocket costs will jump over the next several years, impacting client retirement plans.
File-And-Suspend No More?
Several legislative changes are on the horizon that will impact retirement planning, including an end to the popular strategy for claiming Social Security benefits. Here’s what Washington lawmakers have in their crosshairs.
Income Growth and Lifestyle Creep
Research shows that clients are likely too optimistic about income growth in the latter part of their careers.
Managed Accounts in The Workplace
Managed accounts are, arguably, a better option than target-date funds for 401(k) portfolios’ safe harbor options. So, why aren’t there more of them?
The New Fiduciary Rule and Rollovers 4
The new standard for advisors to retirement accounts will have dramatic consequences for advisors, not least on the initial decision whether to roll over a 401(k) plan into an IRA.
When Retirement Comes Early 1
Life events have a way of intervening with retirement plans. Here’s how advisors can prepare for the unexpected.
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