Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Columnist: College Planning

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a nationally recognized higher-ed speaker and journalist and the author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller. She writes about college for CBS MoneyWatch and her own blog, She offers an online course for financial advisors and other professionals that explains how families can cut their college costs.  
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College Savings Don’t Hurt Chances For Financial Aid 1
Clients will be in a far better position if they’ve saved for their child’s college education. Here’s why.
The Nation’s Most Generous Colleges
The tab that high-income students pay allows these schools to defray the cost of students who require a great deal of financial assistance.
Helping Parents Deal with College Stress
It’s not that important where your clients’ children go to college. What matters more is their teens’ mental health. Advisors can calm parents’ nerves.
Five Secrets Colleges Are Keeping From You
Don’t be fooled; colleges are high-stakes businesses that are preoccupied with enhancing their own prestige.
Five Ways to Maximize College Financial Aid 1
Clients with college-bound kids may ask to move money around to up their chances for financial aid; it rarely works, and there are better ways to help.
How to Get An Athletic Scholarship
If clients are convinced their kid will get a sports scholarship, here’s what advisors need to know.
The College Illusion
Are your clients and their kids getting ripped off? New research says it’s quite possible.
The Most Attractive Student Loans
More than likely, your clients’ children will have to borrow for college. Advisors can help them find the loans with the best terms.
Eight Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt 2
A disturbing number of Americans have defaulted on their student loans. Advisors can help guide them out of it.
One Angry Mom and No Scholarships 1
Teenagers have to be strategic when applying to schools, especially if money is an issue. One angry mom learned that the hard way.
Cracking the FAFSA Code
The federal financial aid form can be tricky to navigate, but here are 10 mistakes clients should avoid when filling it out.
Gallery: Five Ways to Squeeze More Money From Colleges 5
There are other ways to win fat financial aid packages than simply being bright. Here are the top five.
The Real Costs of College
A net price calculator allows clients to look beyond sticker prices to focus on the only price that matters to a mom and dad: the price they’ll pay for their child to attend college.
School’s (Not) Out
Parents often assume that their children are going to finish their degrees in four years. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen.
Gallery: Five Ways to Minimize Tuition Sticker Shock
No school is worth going into huge debt. Here are five easy tips to keep the costs of college down.
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