Kevin McKinley

Columnist: Generations,
Principal/Owner of McKinley Money LLC

Kevin McKinley is principal/owner of McKinley Money LLC, an independent registered investment advisor. He is also the author of the book Make Your Kid A Millionaire (Simon & Schuster), and provides speaking and consulting services on family financial planning topics. Find out more at

Properly Predicting a Client’s Future
Switch your crystal ball to “conservative” when completing financial plans.
flying nest egg
Seven Things You May Not Know About IRA RMDs
Just cutting a check from these accounts won’t quite cut it.
money home for sale sign
Revisiting Reverse Mortgages 1
Long derided as a schlocky scheme pushed on elders, it is possible a reverse mortgage could work for your clients thanks to recent reforms and tighter protections. Here's an objective look.
retiree in pool
Protecting Pension Recipients
You can reduce some of the risks facing retirees who rely on monthly pension checks.
Recommendations for Remodeling Retirees
Aging clients can benefit from improvements before going to the old folks home.
Four Alternatives to Bond Funds for Safety
Bond funds certainly have their role in a portfolio, but risk-averse investors might like something more secure.
Giving Adult Children a Helping Hand
These tips can help clients who are providing financial assistance to their kids.
Save for Retirement or College?
Most young families should put retirement ahead of college on their list of financial goals.
Five Ways to Get Thrifty Clients to Spend
Some clients can be too frugal to the point that they don’t enjoy life. Here’s how advisors can help them open their wallets in retirement.
Six Ways You Can Help Clients Save in 2016 1
The start of the New Year provides opportunities for clients to save money, including finding money for college, cutting health care expenses and putting more away for retirement.
Five Estate Planning Moves Advisors Should Consider
You may not be a lawyer, but there are still several strategies you can employ to save money for your clients and their families, while avoiding potential headaches and heartache down the road.
Paying Tomorrow’s Tuition Today
Prepaid tuition plans can help clients hedge against higher education expenses.
Five Tax-Smart Strategies For Turbulent Markets
The surest way to make clients money in any market? Reduce their tax bill.
Eight Outside the Box Risk Categories
These eight categories of risk exist outside of client investment accounts, and should cause you to rethink the allocation of client assets
Seven Reasons to Take Social Security Sooner 7
Despite the conventional wisdom, clients might prefer to take their payments today.
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