Joseph Halpern

Founder and CEO,
Exceed Investments

Joe Halpern is the CEO of Exceed Investments, an investment company focused on developing next-generation structured investments. Over a 20 year financial services career, Joe Halpern has structured, priced and traded billions of dollars in structured products, exotic derivatives and listed vanilla options. Additionally, Joe Halpern has managed trading groups, supervised risk management and participated in executive level, firm-wide strategic initiatives for several leading financial institutions.

Product Development: Is the Backtest Trustworthy?
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; Backtests done correctly are an effective tool in the development of financial strategies.
What's Your Market Floor?
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; In volatile markets like this one, it is appealing for investors to have a tangible investment floor.
Investors Need Faith Along With Their Downside Protection
It’s never clear when a market downturn will occur; there’s only the certainty that it will.
Playing Defense with a Chance to Score
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; With an increasing abundance of market uncertainty, defined outcome strategies can provide the comfort and relative safety that financial professionals and their clients increasingly seek.
Using Behavioral Finance to Make Better Financial Products
The awareness-raising insights of behavioral finance continue to shed new light on the subjective experience of risk. In response, the financial services industry has made significant investments in investor education.
Beyond Active vs. Passive: A Third Way for Investors
Standardized, predictable and consistent, defined outcome approaches may help to mitigate against risk and ambiguity aversion.
Introducing Protection Into Your Portfolio
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; Structured investing - taking a look at the various tools available to protect against downside exposure.
Do Structured Notes Answer Smart Beta Investors' Greatest Unmet Need?
VIEWPOINTS: Structured notes offer investors straightforward expected results based on market moves. Based on a recent survey from Russell Investments, it seems like this is something investors are looking for.
Can Both the Bank and Customer Win on the Same Structured Notes?
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; Do structured notes present a similar binary outcome between buyer and seller? If the investing purchaser makes money, does the issuing bank lose money? And vice versa? The answer is a resounding no.
The 2014 NBA Draft, Correlation, Structured Notes and you – it’s all correlated…
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; An advisor recently asked me to evaluate a structured CD he was considering; the market linked CD paid a variable coupon derived by the performance of a basket of 10 stocks.
Mythbuster: The Banks Do Not “Steal” the Dividend in Structured Notes
VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; One of my favorite advertising slogans from childhood was the Wendy’s “where’s the beef?” question regarding competitor
The Structured Note Investor Checklist

VIEWPOINTS: Joseph Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; In mid-December, Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal discussed the importance of investor checklists in his Intelligent Investor column. The article, A Checklist for Investors, observes that investment checklists are surprisingly underused, despite the obvious benefits.

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