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Love and Marriage
Marriage confers big financial advantages to those who pursue wealth. Married couples have an edge when it comes to income, taxes, Social Security, inheritance, home ownership, dozens of other state and federal benefits, and even physical health. To better advise married couples, advisors should be informed.
You Need to Fail
Failure has emerged as a welcome teacher in other industries, but not yet in financial services. Here’s how to learn from “the other F word.”
Five Rules of Failure
Why do we go to such lengths to deny failure or downplay its importance? Failure is like gravity. It affects everyone.
What is Failure?
Failure differs from risk, mistake, error, set-back, screw-up, defeat and the countless other names we have for adverse events.
Fear of Failure is Worse than Failure Itself
The most debilitating aspect of overpricing failure is not the consequences of any particular failure event, but the double whammy that the pervasive fear of failure creates.
If I Knew Then What I Know Now . . .
Seasoned executives get to give one piece of advice to their younger selves.
Budgeting Woes
Is there a financial advisor who does not recommend that clients establish and maintain budgets? Yet surveys show that it’s not easy for clients to start new habits or break old ones. To encourage better budgeting, FAs need better statistics.
Ten Best Business Books of 2014
In compiling this list of 10 books of particular interest to finance professionals, there are some titles that couldn’t be ignored. But for the most part, we searched far afield to find lesser-known works that offer fresh comment on the mysteries of finance, leadership and customer service.
The Puzzler #45 Part 1: Zip Code Odds
What is the probability that a random five-digit zip code has five unique digits—that is, no digit appears more than once in the zip code?
The Puzzler #45 Part 2: Business and Finance News
Think you’re smart? Try these brainteasers that recruiters use in actual job interviews.
The Millennial Mindset
Millennials are today’s largest-growing demographic and poised to take over as investors, consumers and leaders. Know whom you will be serving soon—if you are not serving them already.
If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Seasoned executives get to give one piece of advice to their younger selves.
Ten Interview Questions for Hiring the Best Advisors
Advisory firms and recruiters weigh in on their 10 best interview questions and answers when hiring advisors.
The Puzzler #44: Walk or Drive
Would you rather have one cent for each and every step you will ever have taken or one dollar for each and every mile you will ever have driven? Assume you’re an average contemporary American.
REP. Index: The Rise of Entrepreneurs
With entrepreneurship expanding every day, advisors ought to know who they will be dealing with.
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