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UBS, Is the Worst Over?
Is the worst over?
Blotter, November 2009
Financial advisors who got caught in a swindle.
Rookie Survivors
Newly minted advisors, fresh out of training program, more often fail than succeed. Add a credit crisis, a market crash and a recession to the mix, and most green FAs quit before year one is up. Here's a handful who are bucking the odds.
Overvalued Market?
The 60-plus percent rally on the S&P 500 since the March lows has a lot of people wondering if it's still a decent time to buy.
Fidelity Expands International, Forex Investment Options
Fidelity announced a new and improved online trading platform today, significantly expanding its international and foreign currency investment capabilities for financial advisors, broker-dealers and retail investors. With U.S. long-term growth forecasts looking slim compared to other developed markets and some emerging economies, the timing of the release is certainly no coincidence.
Financial Planners Need Better Answers To Client Questions
With all that’s occurred in the past 18 months, financial advisors have had a lot to ponder. Is Modern Portfolio Theory sufficient? Is buy and hold a sucker’s bet (more like “buy and hope”)? Is 60/40 stocks to bonds diversification enough? Or do clients need exposure to other asset classes? As tends to happen when a crisis hits, traditional ways of thinking get challenged and new theories emerge.
Of Dollar Devaluations and Mortgage Head Fakes, Madoff Kicks “Arse” in Prison
The market continues its remarkable recovery from March lows. The short-term outlook from many is that it could continue—Barry Ritholtz explains why in this post on his site. The long-term outlook for the markets and the economy is a lot less clear, but certainly colored by the gloomy forecasts of some well-known players.
Ponzi Porn: Philip Barry, a 52-year old Brooklyn native, stole $40 million from 800 investors, many of whom were his neighbors or elderly, between 1978
In a September report, Daniel Alpert, founder of New York-based investment bank, Westwood Capital, says the current rally is strikingly reminiscent of
It's no secret that RIAs are looking to hire successful wirehouse reps. Here's how to evaluate your options
SEC and CFTC Talk Reform
The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced Wednesday that they expect to release a report within two weeks that explains the regulatory responsibilities of each agency and recommends ways to improve their functioning. Among other securities industry reforms, Congress and the Obama Administration are considering harmonizing the duties of the two agencies.
On Bob McCann’s Fate, the Sucker’s Rally and More
Former Merrill brokerage chief Bob McCann discussed everything from the future of wealth management (“very positive”) to client portfolios—underweight equities, hold some cash—while attending the Global Irish Economic Forum over the weekend.
Judge Controls Bob McCann’s Fate
Bob McCann wants to get to work. But where? The former Merrill Lynch brokerage head told a Manhattan federal judge yesterday that his new employer is losing patience, and he should be relieved of a non-compete clause in his BofA contract.
One Year After Lehman, Much Remains To Be Done
One year after the beginning of the end of Wall Street as we know it, the future of regulation, the stability of the banking system and the fortitude of the economy and the stock market are still a big question mark.
Victims of Florida Broker Gary Gross Get $7million
You may not remember our April 2008 cover story on Gary Gross, the Boca Raton, Florida, (where else?) broker with a 100-page, customer-complaint laden CRD. Gross apparently preyed on elderly people and a FINRA arbitration panel recently awarded $7 million to his victims, whom he defrauded.
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