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Elusive Loyalty
It's a serious conundrum for financial advisors: Their success hinges on their ability to cultivate loyalty in their most affluent clients, but many are
Theory to Practice
By now, financial advisors know the drill. They are supposed to be evolving into wealth managers. This upgrade helps advisors better connect with existing
Summer of Dough
The biggest hurdle for advisors who want to swap their high-net-worth clients for ultra-high-net-worth clients is convincing the target customers that
In Name Only
Financial advisors who fancy themselves wealth managers are having trouble walking the talk. This is the most significant finding of our recent research
Does Branding Still Matter?
In the wake of the improprieties and scandals of the past few years, the financial services industry is abuzz with talk of ethics and image. One of the
Because They Can
With more advisors chasing high-net-worth clients, family offices have officially entered buyer's market territory, which is bad news for those who dislike
Onward, Downward
The family office is in a state of flux. Long the exclusive enclave of the ultrawealthy (those families with $100 million or more), the family office
What, No Succession Plan? 
For family-owned businesses, making sure that the company stays in family hands usually is of paramount importance. Indeed, in a recent survey, most family
A Different Breed
Tending to the financial needs of a family-owned small business is a complex affair, but it's not nearly as unique a task as it might seem at first blush.
An Untapped Market: Family Business Owners 
Although the majority of executives in charge of small businesses worry about being sued, fewer than one in five have asset protection plans in place.
Funds of Funds Here We Come 
While 45.2 percent of family offices of every kind single, multi-family and commercial invest in funds of funds today, a whopping 83.8 percent expect
E Pluribus Unum
As advisors set their sights ever higher, one of the most sought-after types of client is the family office, with advisor notions of the ideal falling
Let Us In
Three years ago, at the height of the equities run-up, investors had little reason to be interested in hedge funds. The intervening years have brought
Wanted: Outside Counsel 
The hot markets today are single-family and multi-family offices. Lawyers want their business and with good reason. These clients have a lot of money
Choosing a Trustee 
When the time comes to form a trust, there are no hard-and-fast rules about the trust's beneficiaries, size, goals or duration. But a recent survey did
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