Eric Uhlfelder

Investing in Deadbeats
Ordinarily, serious investors aim to steer clear of financial instruments that are sold on late-night infomercials, but tax liens on real estate might
Art and Money: Perfect Together
The 1906 Monet painting entitled Nympheas was purchased in 1960 at a Sotheby's auction in London for $50,000. That same 35-inch by 35-inch oil on canvas
Playing the Rebound
So the market has finally remembered it can go up, and it appears that it's also learning how to sustain its rally. The foundation of this economic recovery
How You Doin'?
Chances are, you and your clients don't know. The typical brokerage statement delivers tons of data, but very little useful performance attribution information.
Analyzing the Analysts
How useful are analysts' recommendations? The argument has been raging for years. There have been numerous academic studies and even actual matches between
Should You Help Clients with Class Action Suits?
As a financial advisor, it makes sense to help your clients with anything related to their investments. That could include helping them to get a slice
Fixed Income: How to Make the Depressed Dollar Work for You
Investments in non-dollar denominated assets are a nice hedge now.
Upside Down Under
With deeply uncertain economic realities at home, investors are searching for an alternative market, preferably in an industrialized country with low
When Good Stocks Crash
You've been watching the stock of a global industry leader. The three-year bear market has taken its toll on its share price. But overall the company
Managing the Future
Commodity trading advisor programs are a great alternative: When equities zig, CTAs zag.
Big International Fish In Shallow U.S. Waters
We've all been trained to think globally. And it's a good thing, too: Geographically diversifying an equity portfolio, over time, will dampen risk while
A Yen for Yield
There's a little-known corner of the securities market that could help brokers win kudos from clients who have exhausted safe domestic sources of good
Reversal of Fortune
It wasn't that long ago when a client would suggest a $5 stock and a broker would shake his head in disbelief and reply, Why would you want to take a
Making the Grade
Think you're safe buying an investment grade bond for your client? Guess again. Rating downgrades are coming at a record pace. By increasing client asset
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