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Editor's Letter: March 2013
In late 2011, I was amazed by the valuations financial services stocks were being awarded. Having blown up (for all practical purposes) the financial system beginning in the summer of 2007, it was only natural that financial stocks should be sold off, because, well, some were insolvent.
Cold Call with Jeff Spears
WealthManagement.com chats with Jeff Spears, CEO of Sanctuary Wealth Services LLC, San Francisco
Cold Call: Scott Mahoney
Morgan Stanley, Morristown, N.J., with $250 million AUM
Editor's Letter: Don’t Try to Be Nate Silver*
Here at REP. magazine and WealthManagement.com, we receive loads of books each year on finance, investing strategies, business, leadership and other how-to-invest-in-various-financial-instruments books.
Q&A: Amy Webber, Cambridge Investment Research

Headquarters: Fairfield, Iowa

Number of producing advisors: Over 2,100

Total firm AUM: $43.9 billion




1. What makes you different?

Q&A: Jennie Devlin, Cantella & Co.

Headquarters: Boston

Established: 1952 by the son of a Sicilian immigrant

Number of producing advisors: 201

Total firm AUM: $3.9 billion in AUM; consult on over $5 billion in 401(k) plans


1. What makes you different?

Private Ocean

Greg Friedman, owner of Friedman & Associates, and Richard Stone, founder of Salient Wealth Management, met some years ago at a Schwab IMPACT conference. Turns out their financial advisory offices were within 10 miles of each other.

A few years later, Stone says he came to a crossroads. His firm, Salient had hit a wall. The practice had met growth targets, but Stone says, to remain on the growth path he had to master technology and create a deeper bench of employees. “If I would have lost one or two people, we would have been in trouble,” Stone says.

Ellison Kibler & Associates, Merrill Lynch

Remember Oct. 19, 1987? That was the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 22.6 percent in one trading day. That was a Monday and by that Saturday, J. Hagood Ellison Jr. and E. Robertson Kibler, both Merrill Lynch financial advisors, were huddling to change their business models. Back then, the classic brokerage model reigned: stock picking for commissions.

Editor's Letter: A Contrarian Changes His Mind
I love to read GMO’s quarterly reports. For obvious reasons: Everybody loves to read about horror. GMO, for the few who don’t know, is a famous asset manager (about $100 billion in assets under management) founded by Jeremy Grantham and his partners.
Editor's Letter: The Continuing Crisis

The New York Post published an interesting article recently explaining to the lay reader just what, as the NYP’s headline writers put it, the Libor scandal really means. The paper’s headline read, “Li(e)bor Confirms It’s Rigged.” Wait. Bankers rigging inter-bank lending to suit their needs? No way! That’s a shock.

VIDEO: Interview with Matthew C. Straut, Wells Fargo

Matthew C. Straut, sales manager for Wells Fargo Funds, discusses challenges facing RIAs.

VIDEO: Interview with Douglas R. Ramsey, Leuthold Weeden

Douglas Ramsey, chief investment officer of the Leuthold Group, on why you should avoid Treasuries.

VIDEO: Interview with John Rekenthaler, Morningstar

John Rekenthaler, head of Morningstar’s ranking methodology, answers the question: How to pick mutual funds?

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