Daniel Crosby

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a behavioral finance expert who works with organizations to develop products and messaging to maximize positive investment outcomes. Among his current collaborations is "Personal Benchmark", a system of embedded behavioral finance delivered by Brinker Capital. The title South Gotham is meant to evoke both the foolish side of NYC's financial arena, as well as Crosby's native Atlanta.

Articles by Daniel Crosby
How Behavioral Finance Can Help You Set and Keep Financial Goals
For financial goal setting to be truly successful, it must account for the way people behave.
Becoming an Informed Financial News Consumer
Whenever given a microphone and a stage, I take the opportunity to warn investors and financial professionals alike against the harm of keeping too close a tab on the financial news. Since my exhortations to turn off the TV are so roundly ignored, I’ve decided to take a new tack; exchanging media abstinence with “safe watching” as it were.
Does Your Present Self Hate Your Future Self?
In financial planning, as in life, delaying gratification is often a key to success. Here are three insights from behavioral finance to help your clients find some harmony between the present and the future.
The Planning Fallacy
Why do we consistently underestimate the time and resources necessary to complete a given task?
When Alpha Becomes Beta
It’s frustrating for advisors to find ways to add value when investment advice and products are increasingly commoditized. But this supposes that investors are dispassionate enough to seamlessly integrate the latest academic findings into their investment lives. That’s not the case.
Memento Mori: The Ancient Roman Cure for Overconfidence
Roman generals had a method to stay humble after winning battles. Investment managers claiming victory in a bull market should take heed.
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