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April J. Rudin, Founder and President of The Rudin Group is an acclaimed financial services marketing strategist and digital media expert distinguished by her ability to forecast, analyze and illuminate critical trends in the industry. A wealth management sector specialist and social media authority, April has partnered with many of the most revered financial institutions in the world to design and execute forward-looking marketing programs that take advantage of essential communications channels. 

How to Use Social Media to Attract Clients – And Not Land on the Naughty List
Use social media to connect with clients and colleagues during the holidays, but use it wisely.
Don't Miss the Millennial Marketing Revolution
How to survive the radical shift in wealth and branding.
When it Comes to Marketing, Act Like a Bakery, Not a Bake Sale
You need to know how to encourage clients and potential clients to trust you and feel at home with you. Your business is at stake. Don’t try this at home.
Adapt or Die: Taking Advantage of the Latest Digital Marketing Tools
Advisors who don’t take advantage will have no excuse when their businesses are left behind.
Ask Chuck? How About Ask Schwab’s C-3PO?
For human advisors, the robo-advising move into mainstream means that they will have to work harder to prove their value to current and potential clients.
Seven Heavenly Virtues of Wealth Management Marketing
We all want to be virtuous, right? Well, mostly, anyway. One cannot be virtuous all the time. But it helps to at least know virtue from vice, so that you can engage in more of the former and less of the latter. Be a saint, not a sinner!
5 Things Advisors Need To Know about Behavioral Finance 2
Whether you’re aware of it or not, finance is a mental game as much as it is based in cold, hard math. Advisors must learn and understand the power of the mind and how it affects their behavior when it comes to making investment decisions.
Some Next-Gen C-Suite Executives Think Differently than Boomers
If you become the type of advisor who can say emotional intelligence without laughing, listening to what clients (and people) are telling you, helping them to separate the signal from the noise, you can be a man who can think like a woman
Five Innovations That Put Advisors Out of Business – Or Soon Will 1
There are two constants in wealth management: change and wealth managers who believe things will never change.
How The Other Half Gives: Engaging Today's Wealthy
For wealth managers, the approach to engagement and eventual relationships is completely different between the Gen-X/Y wealth holder and his/her wealthy parents.
Five Reasons Wealth Managers Should Care About Bitcoin 7
Advisors that get smart on digital currencies should see a significant impact on their AUM in the coming years.
Seven Deadly Sins of Wealth Management Marketing
We are all sinners. And though some sins are worse than others, most sins can be forgiven. As long as you know you’ve “sinned,” you can do better next time.
Social Media Compliance? It's As Easy As Green Eggs And Ham
Social media compliance doesn't have to be scary. You may as well try it now, rather than running around in circles trying to avoid it.
Wealth Gets A Facelift: How To Attract And Engage New Next-Gen Wealth
Can the financial services industry adjust quickly to the need to retool themselves to meet the "service requirements" and client experience expectations of the first generation to grow up with computers?
Meet Rosie, The Robo-Advisor
What if robo-advisors could be programmed to show the qualities that clients have come to appreciate in female advisors – traits like empathy, patience, and sensitivity?
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