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Columnist: Fix My Business

Anne Field, is a veteran business journalist. Aside REP., she also writes for Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and, among others. Her other areas of specialty include small business and management, in addition to triple-bottom line companies. She’s won numerous awards for her articles, including the American Society of Business Publication Editors Award for Best How-To Article and Best Case Study. She lives in Pelham, N.Y., with her husband Geoff Lewis and two children.  You can see more of her work by visiting

RIA Recruiters' Notebook
Three RIA custodians talk about who they're recruiting and how they're attracting recruits.
Romancing New Clients
The first three months of a client relationship are crucial. Every practice should have a set of systems in place to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
Romancing New Clients
Five years ago, John Vance was looking for ways to boost revenues at Vance Wealth Group, the Valencia, Calif.-based practice that he’d started two years before. Doing so, he realized, meant introducing more efficient systems and delegating more to his staff. But, as he drilled down further, Vance realized one area was particularly important: his process for handling new clients—specifically, the first three months or so of the relationship.
Reaping the Rewards of Radio
It isn't cheap or easy, but for many financial advisors a radio show is an invaluable prospecting tool.
Ready to Retire
A 57-year-old financial advisor is trying to plan his retirement and prepare a successor in case anything should happen to him. But he's not sure what the best route is.
Clearing the Hurdles To Growth
There are a few common obstacles to expanding an advisory practice, but often they represent blind spots. Once you identify them, you can do something about them
Take a Vacation Without Losing Clients—or Your Head
If you run your own practice, you may not have had a real vacation in a long time
How to Market Yourself—When Marketing is Not Your Strong Suit
After switching broker dealers, a long-time advisor is looking to attract a handful of reps to his new branch and to publicize his association with his current b/d. For advice, as usual, we asked our panel of experts for their opinions
Getting Employees to Accept Change
Rather than pushing change through as quickly as possible, get your employees involved and ask for their input. You'll have much greater success at making your changes work for you and your business.
Getting Employees to Accept Change
The one constant about change is that people hate it. Trouble is, if your employees don’t embrace whatever change it is you want to introduce, you can forget about it: You won’t succeed.
Seminars With A Twist
Referrals may be the best way to pick up new clients, but seminars still have their virtues. Here are a few ways to freshen up an old standby.
New Kid on the Block
How to rebuild your book of business in a new place.
Succeeding At Succession
Have you thought seriously about when and how you're going to retire? And who'll take over the practice? You haven't? Well, you're in good company. A
Balancing Act: Cost-Cutting Vs. Growth
Ria firms are beginning to see some recovery in revenue, but profit margins haven't picked up. Firms are turning to technology for new efficiencies as they look for growth.
Balancing Act: Cost Cutting Vs. Growth
Even as they position themselves to grow, most advisors remain highly cost-conscious.
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