Andrew M. Parker

M. Parker
Chief Investment Officer,
Archetype Advisors, LLC


In his 30 year career, Andy Parker has acquired significant experience in various areas of financial services and he joined the Archetype team to fulfill three very specific goals.

“First, I wanted to work with people that I trust and respect.   Second, while I want to be able to add value, I also want to be in a firm where I can keep learning.   Lastly, I want to ‘do the right thing’ for our clients.”

Andy’s most recent experience was as a founding member and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Lazard Wealth Management where he participated in overall investment strategy and asset allocation, determined portfolio construction and risk management of client portfolios and authored monthly investment strategy thought leadership pieces.  

Andy’s innate ability to understand complex financial and investment concepts enables him to explain them to his Archetype clients in terms that are easy to understand.  “Given the complex investment algorithms that underlay much of Archetype's investment strategy, it is extremely important that we are able to get clients to grasp what we're doing and why it's important for their financial future.” 

Early in his career, Andy served as Senior Vice President at Drexel Burnham Lambert in their Institutional Financial Futures Group where he led a team that developed a static, option-based portfolio hedging algorithm that was successfully implemented for their clients in the 1987 equity market decline and remains in use today.

Andy not only can communicate the complexities of investment strategy to clients, but he also brings an innovative approach to financial planning.  “Each client has specific goals and needs and our business is to craft individual plans.”  

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