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Rethinking the Need for Immediate Annuities
While older clients' investment portfolios may include immediate annuities as a substitute for bonds, beware of these pitfalls.
Donating Life Insurance 1
It’s possible for philanthropic-minded clients to donate their life insurance to charity — and get an attractive tax deduction.
Life Insurance and Prenuptial Agreements 
Death benefits from an insurance policy, as part of a prenuptial agreement, can help families avoid conflicts when relationships dissolve.
The Big Data Dive for Life Insurance 
Better data and new algorithms mean clients may not have to wait long for better-priced life insurance.
Term Insurance Comes Under Fire  4
Four out of five advisors sell term life insurance to their clients. But as terms get shorter and renewal rates trend upwards, clients may be better off buying whole life instead
Critical Illness or Long-Term Care?  1
Should you recommend your clients get critical illness insurance? In many ways, it’s an emotional, rather than financial, decision.
The Old-Fashioned Variable Annuity, Staring Into Retirement 
Advisors long for the good old days when variable annuities had high guarantees. But guarantees are not what they once were, and advisors continue to shun VAs.
Overcoming Insurance Reluctance  2
Who needs insurance? For many clients, it’s a subject too easily deferred or ignored. By understanding the emotional barriers, advisors can help clients make the rational decisions.
Do Your Clients Have Insurable Interest? 
State regulators and insurance companies are paying extra attention to the issue of insurable interest, and advisors better be careful in writing life insurance policies.
Insurance Strategies to Build Wealth
When it comes to life insurance, rarely does one size fit all. So why not tailor a policy to fit your client’s investment and estate plans?
Taking the Sting Out of Annuity Taxes  5
Gains on variable annuities are taxed at ordinary income rates on withdrawal. But there are options to limit the bleeding.
Avoid Blowing Up a Veteran's Benefits
Selling trusts and life insurance to wartime veterans can be tricky. One misstep could disqualify them from important benefits.
Old Money
For advisors, it pays to insure a client’s valuable collectibles, like antiques, rare toys, ceramics or wine; but it’s crucial to find reputable appraisers and carriers.
The Holy Grail of Financial Planning
Annuities can get a bad rap, but used correctly they can play a central role for clients who both want to leave money to heirs and also ensure they themselves will never run out of income, according to a recent academic study.
Solving the Riddle of the Immediate Annuity
Client torn between leaving money to heirs or buying an immediate annuity? Here’s how to help them decide.
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