The desire for more training and education once again tops the wish list.

When asked, “What is the one most important thing your broker or firm could do to help you with your job?” Thirty-two percent of respondents indicated they wanted more training and educational opportunities. Last year's survey produced a similar result.

Sales assistants responding to the survey see an opportunity to grow and make a larger contribution — and want brokers and management to see this potential as well. Each of the following three categories are on the wish lists of 16% of the sample: 1) more recognition and respect, 2) better communication, and 3) a more understanding and supportive environment.

Compensation (higher pay, a better rewards system, sharing the wealth) was desired by 19% of respondents.

Here are some of the comments from sales assistants:

  • Offer study time … to complete Series 7 and other license testing.

  • Have “clerical assistants” so we could get more involved in marketing and planning.

  • Give me better support people (home office).

  • Positive feedback. Don't dwell on the negative!

  • Include me in the planning and strategies they will be implementing.

  • Initiate more standards/parameters for … compensation package requiring minimum percentage of production.

  • Recognize that assistants are not secretaries and that the job requires higher skill levels.

  • Provide opportunity for advancement, take more interest in my learning and advancement. Communicate better.

  • Mentor and discuss thinking process pertaining to decisions and conclusions made.

  • Treat me like an equal.

What Assistants Need

What is the one most important thing your broker or firm could do to help you with your job?

More training/education


Higher pay/compensation/rewards


More appreciation/recognition/respect


Improve communication


More understanding/supportive environment


More assistance to help with workload


More time off


More job flexibility


Nothing at all




Note: Figures are based on 329 responses and add up to more than 100% due to multiple responses and rounding.