Prudential Investments has launched a new service called the Prestige Program that offers reps with wealthy clients a liaison to firm experts.

Under the program, the firm pairs a "Prestige Analyst" with a broker or insurance agent. A rep then submits his high-net-worth clients' cases for review by the analyst. If action is needed, the analyst functions as a coordinator with specialized Prudential departments, such as those for mortgages, trusts, stock options or managed money, a Prudential spokesperson says.

A broker and his clients can contact their Prestige Analyst, who is required to be an experienced, registered financial professional. Analysts will work with reps from Prudential Investments, the asset management unit, and Prudential Securities.

David Odenath, president of Prudential Investments, created the program and patterned it after one he helped develop at PaineWebber several years ago. PaineWebber's version is called Vantage.

"When I came here, it was clear that there was an opportunity to not only establish a similar program but create a better one because of our capabilities," Odenath says.

Odenath says the Prestige Program has brought in new assets of more than 110 million dollars. There is no set asset minimum to participate, but the firm says the ideal client will have 4 million dollars to 5 million dollars in assets.

"The Prestige Program is a liaison for reps to get as much as they can from high-net-worth individuals," says a Prudential Securities broker. High-net-worth clients can be demanding, the rep says. "The firm was smart to develop this plan."