Every once in a while in our professional lives something unusual and very satisfying occurs. This was the case eight years ago when Rorie Sherman took on the responsibility of being Editor-in-Chief of Trusts & Estates magazine. She introduced new features to the print edition, steered us further into the digital age with informative e-newsletters, and created an industry-leading Web site.

Trusts & Estates has been published since 1904 and was conceived by trusts and estates professionals who wanted to air their views with each other, share the best techniques, and promote understanding of government policies and legal decisions. And thanks to people like Rorie and other past custodians of the brand, the venture has continued to be a great success.

We owe much to Rorie, and it is with pride in her accomplishments that we announce her departure for an exciting new position with J. P. Morgan Chase. She will mean as much to them as she has to us and will be sorely missed. Our congratulations to Rorie for her significant accomplishments during her tenure at Trusts & Estates and our heartfelt wishes for a successful future.

Rorie leaves in her wake an industry in turmoil because of Congressional reluctance to deal with changes in the estate and gift tax system. The aging population and the financial success of clients renders the trusts and estates field more complex and more time-consuming for the estate planning professional.

Certainly, 2010 will be a year of IRA concentration, not to mention the challenges of GRATs, FLPs, LLCs, CLATs and other leveraging techniques.

As always, Trusts & Estates will be there leading the way. We remain blessed with an outstanding Editorial Advisory Board with whom Rorie has worked closely to provide significant leadership to all of us in the trusts and estates field.