Is it possible that a munchkin-sized, pudgy football player who played just 27 seconds in two years at the University of Notre Dame could inspire and motivate stockbrokers?

Well, if that player's name is Rudy, he definitely can.

Rudy Ruettiger, whose riveting story of determination was depicted in the movie, Rudy, has written a book, Rudy's Insights for Winning in Life.

It's a fantastic, motivational book that can help anyone in any profession, says a Dallas-based A.G. Edwards rep. When I've been down, the book has inspired me to get back up and push through the adversity.

The broker particularly enjoys Rudy's Insight No. 5: The Greater the Struggle, the Greater the Victory. Ruettiger writes: Most people allow struggles and fear of failure to stop them. The key is to learn from your struggles and move on.

Another of the book's messages that may help in business is this: Follow your passion instead of the dollar. For me, decisions based on my passion brought me closer to my dream, Ruettiger writes, while decisions based only on money took me further away. If you focus on what really fulfills you, you will have success.

The book (ISBN 0965811913) is published by Rudy International Publications and is available for $15 through .