Registered Rep.: Describe your practice in three words or less?

Mark Orgel: Integrity, academic, discipline.

RR: One piece of technology (or software) that's made your life easier?

MO: WiFi has given me greater mobility to work at home and at the lake home. Email has made life more difficult, since it can take away some of the dialogue with our clients.

RR: Biggest/best purchase you've made for entertainment or leisure?

MO: Lake home

RR: The best meal always includes?

MO: Seafood

RR: Best part about working for a regional firm? (1 word)

MO: Autonomy

RR: The age at which you made your first investment?

MO: I purchased Comdisco stock because I believed that the market for used computer hardware and peripherals would grow.

RR: Best place for client prospecting?

MO: Any social setting in which I can tell my story.

RR: How do you thank a client who has provided a referral that leads to another client?

MO: Written correspondence with follow-up call.

RR: Average number of times you see your clients each year?

MO: One to two.

RR: If you were able to donate Warren Buffett's millions to one cause or charity what would it be?

MO: Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn.

RR: Favorite way to relax?

MO: Reading a book in the hammock overlooking Pine Lake at my lake house.

RR: Wealth management: What is it in 10 words or less?

MO: Providing comprehensive solutions to meet our clients' long-term objectives.

RR: If I weren't a financial advisor, my alternative career would be.

MO: Mechanical engineer.