We know: The word broker is out of favor today, given that financial advisors are more advisor than broker. But we've been polling our readers about how satisfied they are with their firms for 18 years now (the survey is utterly confidential!). So, forgive us, we're keeping the name. But we do need your help.

Each year we anonymously survey financial advisors at the big, national firms to rate their current employer on 27 items related to their satisfaction — from the quality of their branch managers to the quality of sales support and payouts. (This year, we've added advisors who work at Bank of America Investment Services and JPMorgan.) And this year we want to know how you think your firm did in the sub-prime mess.

This is your chance to anonymously rate your firm's performance. If you want to let management at your firm hear what you have to say about it, please contribute! Just stick this URL http://insidepenton.com/research/er/rgrbrc08.htm in your web browser and begin. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and — have we stressed this enough? — you can do so anonymously-not even we will know who participates or what answers you provide. As an added incentive, you may enter your name into a drawing to win one of four $100 Amazon.com gift certificates — simply enter the drawing when you are done with the survey. There will be a link. Thanks for your loyalty and thanks for your help!