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Estate Cost Estimator, §229, Kettley Publishing;; 800/777-3162 or 949/752-4927

Estate Planning Tools, §349 plus §99 a year, Brentmark Software;; 800/879-6665 or 407/679-6665

NumberCruncher '98, §349 plus §99 a year, Leimberg & LeClair Inc.;; 610/527-5216

The Estate & Trust Planner, §499 plus §150 a year, Cheshire Software;; 800/734-6734 or 617/527-4000


National Association of Estate Planners and Councils--Focuses on accounting, insurance, law and trust services. In addition to AEP designation, the group has local councils reps can join. Contact the group at 610/526-1389 or

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys--Teaches attorneys to team up with other professionals in a client-focused approach to estate planning. Reps can get attorney referrals and attend an annual meeting. Contact the group at 303/446-6100 or


College for Financial Planning, 800/237-9990 or

Online Interactive Courses (from §45 to §135)

* Estate Planning for Investment Clients

* Estate Planning for Special Situations

* Estate Planning, Process and Goals

* The Federal Estate Tax

* The Federal Gift Tax

* Income Tax and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Issues

* Introduction to Life Insurance and Annuities

* Methods of Estate Transfer at Death

* Methods of Estate Transfer During Life

* Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: Estate and Gift Taxation.

Self-Study Audiotape Programs

* Advanced Estate Planning, §485

* Case Studies in Estate Planning, §485

* Estate and Insurance Planning for Business Owners, §485

* Estate Planning--Cutting-Edge Techniques, §85

* Estate Planning for Qualified Plans and IRAs, §85

* Planned Giving--A New Dimension, §75

* The Use of Trusts in Estate Planning, §485.

The American College, 610/526-1459 or

The American College, in conjunction with the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils, offers the Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) designation.

Self-Study Courses (§45 each)

* Federal Gift Taxation

* Introduction to Estate and Gift Tax Planning

* Sophisticated Methods of Charitable Giving Though Life Insurance

* The Basics of Charitable Giving Through Life Insurance

* The Use of Life Insurance in Estate Planning.