A concise list of bookmarks on a browser is an excellent personal resource. However, this list must be continually sorted, revised and cleaned to remain effective.

Here are some tips:

Use folders. Creating and nesting folders inside each other is an excellent way to keep things tidy.

Delete the prepackaged folders. About 95% of the links included with the browser are useless, time-consuming advertising.

Search bookmarks. Even with the proper use of folders, links can be forgotten. For Internet Explorer, use Start>Find>Files or Folders. Then browse to C:\Windows\Favorites\ to look for a specific site. Make sure “Include Subfolders” is checked.

For Netscape Navigator, open the browser and then click Bookmarks>Edit Bookmarks>Edit>Find in Bookmarks.

Back up your bookmarks. Make sure your reference tool remains safe.

Retrace your steps. You can search all the sites you have visited recently. For Internet Explorer, hit the History icon (Ctrl+H) and the side menu will drop down for you to sort and search. For Netscape Navigator, go to Communicator>Tools>History (Ctrl+H) and then choose Edit>Search History List.

Be stingy about bookmarking. Create a Temporary folder to store all the bookmarks you like there first. That way you can try out a site before adding a link to your real bookmarks.