1. Most harrowing moment in business?

    Doing live radio in Los Angeles.

  2. First thing you do when you get to the office?

    Review client account activity and transactions from the prior day.

  3. Netflix or video store?

    Video store — I love the experience.

  4. Best advice for a rookie advisor, in three words or less?

    Work through lunch.

  5. Blackberry: burden or godsend?


  6. Most referrals you ever got from one client?


  7. Longest trip you ever took?

    Traveling through rush hour traffic in LA to an appointment.

  8. Sport you find most tedious? Auto racing.

  9. If you could travel back in time to a past decade, which would it be: 1920s, 1950s or 1970s?

    Funky 70s — I always liked the thought of wearing leisure suits.

  10. First investment you ever made?

    Baseball cards.