The Advisor & Broker-Dealer’s Forum on Retail Alternative Investments

Join us for The Advisor and Broker-Dealer’s Forum on Retail Alternative Investments, May 17-18 in New York. This event will explore the wide array of alternative investments making their way into the retail markets and give you the information you need to incorporate these investments into your retail portfolios with confidence.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Gain a more developed understanding of what ‘alternative’ really means
  • Explore the reasons behind the rapid growth of alternatives in today’s market
  • Discover which kinds of alternative products are available to the retail investor
  • Find out who is distributing retail alternatives
  • Better define your goals for alternatives in a portfolio and how to allocate accordingly to reach them

Subscribers of Registered Rep are entitled to a 15% discount. Mention FMP132 during registration to enjoy this offer. For more information, view the conference brochure or contact Whitney Betts at 704-341-2445 or