Registered Rep. is accepting submissions for the 2008 Top 100 Independent Advisors list to be published in August. The list is published each year for advisors affiliated with independent broker/dealers.

There is not a limit to the number of names you can submit, however, keep in mind a benchmark of at least $100 million in assets under management for each advisor.

Check out last year's list here.

Before submitting names for this year's list, make sure advisors meet the following criteria:

- Have to be Series 7 and work for an independent broker/dealer; we welcome reps who are dually licensed as investment advisors

- This list is based on retail assets, so the advisor has to have a minimum of 60 percent retail business (i.e. a maximum of 40 percent institutional business)

- Teams can participate, but we want teams that are more vertical than horizontal. (We intend to take a look at teams another time, but would accept a team that grew out of one advisor's success --- he's the number one rainmaker, the guy/gal who built the book, but then who brought in others to help. BE SURE TO NAME ONLY THE LEAD ADVISOR.)

The list is ranked by assets under management, but also requires the following:

· Name
· Firm Name (If different from b/d)
· City, State
· Years in the Industry
· Business Description (no more than 10 words)
· Production (NOT FOR PRINT)
· Contact Number (NOT FOR PRINT)
· Dual-Registration Information

Please fill in the information in the attached spreadsheet and send back NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, July 7 to